Army of the Pharaohs, the ever-evolving crew of Hip Hop's heaviest hitters, is the culmination of a vision devised by Jedi Mind Tricks' frontman Vinnie Paz. Initiated over twelve years ago with the vinyl-only release of the classic Five Perfect Exertions b/w War Ensemble 12" single, the group (following in the long-standing tradition of crews like Wu Tang and The Juice Crew) has thrived for over a decade.
Heavy Metal Kings
Take two of the most respected and visceral MCs in the independent hip hop scene and put them together for one full album's worth of brutal Hip Hop and what you've got is both an easy candidate for some kind of "album of the year" award and an exercise in the fundamental passion that makes Hip Hop a potent vehicle. That's exactly the kind of thinking that led to the historic teaming of Vinnie Paz and Ill Bill for their highly anticipated endeavor: Heavy Metal Kings.
Since 1996, Vinnie Paz has been best known as the fiery frontman of renowned indie rap group Jedi Mind Tricks. After more than a decade of critical and commercial success under both the Jedi Mind Tricks banner and with his underground rap supergroup side project, *Army of the Pharaohs*, Vinnie finally felt like the time was right to take on the challenge of making a solo record.