FREE Vinnie Paz mixtape with any purchase at Jedi Mind Tricks Store

We’re running a brand new holiday special. Purchase any item at our Jedi Mind Tricks Store and get Vinnie Paz’s new “Fires of the Judas Blood” mixtape mixed by JMT’s own, DJ Kwestion, for free. Limit is one per customer while supplies last.

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  • Rob

    I bought a hat yesterday. I just missed this action or can i still get it?


    • jmthiphop

      what's your full name and e-mail. we'll forward to the merch company.

  • Alex

    Awesome, but y'all niggas need to stock up on them 'Skull & Razors – Longsleeve T' though. Was finally going to get it, but of course, it is out of stock.

    Thanks though.

    • admin

      Hey Alex,

      We'll probably bring those back soon. We like to keep things fresh at the store by hooking up new designs every few months.

  • Bogdan

    are all products available also for EUROPE? thanks

    • admin

      yep, we ship worldwide.

  • Cole

    i just ordered a shirt and a sweatshirt, is that mixtape just going to show up with it?

    • admin

      yep. it should be in your order. thanks.

  • Quirijn

    Why do you only have the limited edition of servants in heaven kings in hell, can't I get the normal version from you?

    • admin

      we're out of stock of the regular version of Servants. it's the same record, but with bonus tracks.

  • Quirijn

    Can you say when It'll be back in stock, cuz I like the cover better, if not I'll just order this one but It would be nice to have the regular version.

    • admin

      unfortunately, we probably won't have that one back in stock anytime soon.

    • Jon

      Yo man, i bought the limited edition cd, the other cover is only a slip on, jus slide it off and the original cd artwork from the regular version will be on the actual cd case, jus thought id let you know man

  • dan

    for europe are the same prizes???

    • admin

      hey dan, yeah the free CD applies to European orders too.

  • Michael

    I just ordered a hoodie and recieved it today w/ out my mixtape cd – can you please send it ?
    I have the order # and info to confirm –

    • Michael

      yo admin – i been a jmt fan for many yrs- support these doods at their shows and buy merch – i feel like you can atleast follow thru w/ the mixtape – damn yo – you running scams or what? shit – i could be a dick and just bootleg that shit anyhow …

      • admin

        michael, thanks for your order. of couse we don't scam our fans. it was probably a simple mistake by our merch company. send your full name and mailing address to and we'll send you out a copy directly. peace and thanks for the support.

        • Michael

          Thanks for getting back to me – much appreciated!

          • admin

            did your send us your full name and mailing address to yet? haven't seen anything from a Michael yet. let us know.

        • michael

          I sent it last week
          and sent again today
          So why is "a simple mistake" continuing to happen to everyone that ordered merch from your site? Are actually affiliated w/ Jedi Mind? or just some freelance web guy that they hired? From the looks of this thread – true fans are being shat upon

          • jmthiphop

            not at all michael. we don't shit on our fans. we work with a third party merch company who unfortunately dropped the ball for the first few days of the promo and forgot to include the CD. we're working with the fans by shipping copies directly to anyone who hits up about it. you don't stay in business for 15 years by shitting on fans. we appreciate your support

          • Michael

            yo – just wanted to say thanks – i got the cd in the mail today – sorry to be a hard ass – to be honest, i have alot of respect for jmt i didn't wanna get the impression that they would pull some foul shit like that on their fans- keep up the bangin' music – i was at the Bowery Ballroom show on halloween – fucking great time – peace

  • gary fraboni

    I also ordered a sweatshirt that just came with no cd as well

    • admin

      gary, send us your full name and mailing address to and we'll send you out a copy.

  • Raul H.

    I bought a tee and didnt get the mixtape either…i was really looking forward to it..

    • admin

      raul, same things…send your order number and full mailing address to and we'll send you out a copy. fixing the problem with the merch company. thanks for your order.

  • Raul H.

    thanks! ill do that!

  • xtaticline

    okay just to have it clear, is the offer still valid? there's a shirt I want but when I add it to the cart it adds the mixtape for $9.99? so thats why im wondering if its still valid. if it isn't then i wouldn't mind paying for both since i've always supported JMT/Vinnie.

    also im located in puerto rico and I see it is listed in the drop box so im guessing you do ship here?

    • Quirijn

      look at the amount you pay, it says : +9.99
      You only pay the shipping costs, I noticed it to.

    • admin

      yep, the offer is still valid. the mixtape will be included in every order. one per customer.

  • Quirijn

    look at the amount you pay, it says : +9.99
    You only pay the shipping costs, I noticed it to.

  • max

    i ordered a shirt and it just got here but there was no cd with it either

  • peter (europe)

    motherfuckers jmt only loves our money!!!!fuckin bastards,i'm fan since violent by design,faggots FREE DOWNLOAD.

    • andy

      This must be free download for all fans of for yours albums,money for yours shows…we support jmt and aotp,dutch,outerspace,etc…now free mixtape with order?? fuck you motherfucker!!!

  • mike

    yeah,free downloadd

  • admin

    we've never done anything just for money, but we do have to make a living and make new albums. without fan support, we can't make music. we don't have any corporate music company backing us. since you guys took the time out of your busy days just to come to our website and call us motherfuckers and faggots. email us your addresses at info@jmthiphop and we'll send you out free copies of the mixtape.

    • xtaticline

      this. smh @ all the cheap and ignorant fucks here.

      these guys are not making mainstream kind of money, because they've decided not to sell out and keep doing what they like. they need to make a living just like any of us. they need money for food, money for cloth, money to pay the bills, etc etc… this is their job and you expect them to give out their music for free?!?! lol

      these guys depend on merch income because piracy is huge nowadays and it might not hurt mainstream artists like justin bieber or kanye west due to the amount of popularity they have (they can a lot of money with merch, shows) but it definitely hurts the underground artists who have to hustle to make a decent living living off music.

      support the underground.

  • peter

    Admin,I will not send anything, sorry for the insults, but do not give me any grief telling me that you live for this, I have 26 years, I'm unemployed, I have many years supporting the group, I have jmt original albums on cd, I have vinyls of jmt and aotp, I recently bought the solo album of vinnie paz on vinyl in hhv,I paid to see them live in Madrid 2 times,now I don't have money and if I want the mixtape I have to buy something, do not think it too much to ask some detail with the fans and not just ask for money and money and more money, this is my opinion and again I apologize for my insults.

  • admin

    thanks for the support over the years, peter. offer still stands for the free mixtape as a thank you for your support. e-mail us your mailing info if you want a copy. peace.

  • Bofa_deezballs

    Why isn't this mixtape being offered on
    does the cd even exist?

  • jmthiphop

    bofa, it's a super limited run of a mixtape that is only being sold on JMT tour dates and through the jmt store. the cd exists, it's for sale at for 9.99 or free with any purchase.

  • JimmyG

    That 4 horseman hoodie is good lookin. hope to see some realistic sizes soon…

    • Bofa_deezballs

      That's fucking hysterical – Small and 5XL – pwahhahahaahahahahah

  • JimmyG

    Almost bought something…but whats with all these people not getting their mix tapes?

    • admin

      jimmy G, the problem was corrected with our merch company. it was a mistake on their part for the first few days of the special. every order is shipping with the mixtape. thanks.

  • Toppington

    Hi i ordered a beanie on december the 4th. Im located in Europe and i understand that it can take some time but the order has been complete for a while and im starting to wonder if its ever arriving,

  • admin

    Hi Toppington, yeah it's probably a matter of clearing customs, which can take awhile, espeically if you're in Switzerland. you can hit up and they can provide you with a tracking # if you don't have one already. thanks for your order.

  • Alexander

    i hope im not too late. either way that enemy soil shirt is lookin dope!

  • Andrew

    Everytime I try to add something to the cart, it's empty when I go to check out. I wanna get the black beanie w/ the free mixtape.


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