ILL BILL The Grimy Awards
New joint with our homie, ILL BILL, “120% Darkside Justice,” produced by C-Lance. From ILL BILL’s new album “The Grimy Awards.” Cop it on now.

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  • Don Giovanni

    Nice C-lance do it again. But would love to see you niggas shine on a soul-beat.

  • John

    This joint is pure HipHop Rock & Roll…really feelin this shit

  • joey

    fuck is taking jus so long to drop an album? been waiting over 10 years for jus to lace a real solo album. still waiting. any news at all would be appreciated. is he still working on an album, is JMT still going to continue making albums? i don’t really like this beat but they all kill it and the album is sick.

  • djnikz/rapper/producer/dj

    Dope track feeling. It pure rap shid

  • Joe

    Jus should at least keep us updated on how its coming out. Maybe a single or something. Last time i heard he got cuts from DJ eclipse.

  • the ghost

    seen interview w jus he is not feelin the beats that r out there he said clance was supposed 2 produce it he did a couple tracks but hes not going 2 do it if its not the sound he wants I feel him but damn I need it in my life


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