• Douglasekermark

    You guys are inspiring, srsly you make my day everyday! You guys inspire me to create realistic hiphop and truth in my rhymes! Thanx srsly! Hoped 2 see you in Stockholm @ Strand but I’m not18 so couldn’t fuking get in -.- Hope to see you guys in the future! Keep producing! Your filling some true hiphop fans’ hearts! Peace! 
    Douglas Ekermark.

    • Magnus Bjerknes96

      Any chance i could get to listen to your music?:)

  • josiah kawamura

     JEDI MIND IS STILL KILLIKG THE RAP GAME!!!!!!! still the real shit.

  • Magnus

    Hey, im a 16 year old kid, im just loving your music. The only thing i listen to is Jedi mind tricks, Vinnie paz, Ill bill, and so the list goes on. Never stop making quality music!
    I realy hope you guys would take a tour to Norway again, hopefully where i live:) And if you do, please have a show thats not just for 18+
    From your norwegian fan Magnus! (Walk with me!)

    • jmthiphop

      thanks Magnus. the 18+ thing isn’t up to us. that’s the venue’s rules. if it were up to us, all of our shows would be all ages.

      • Magnus Bjerknes96

        Ahh okay isee:)
        thanks for actaully replying, and btw if vinnie could read this or any 1 could tell him. I would like to say that the song (Same story) is just so inspiring and beautiful, my father had cancer and ALMOST died, and so i am going to take a tatto, where it stands same story diffrent pen, and with a pen at the end. I realy just had to write this, cuzz my dream is to meet Vinnie, and all the guys at jedi mind tricks! 

        • Magnus Bjerknes96

          Oh god, sorry for my bad typing…

  • chaps

    dope photos, props to all you dudes…. life of a G!!!
    im from the down under and just wanted to say to Vincenzo/ vinnie paz you inspire me to keep live’n, i fucking get you bruv and your message your putting out. all respect to you and the way you live and your brothers who are in it with ya.
    keep do’n what you dudes are do’n in my eyes you dudes are the real shit,
    mybe one day youll hear my shit though the underground, linten out for CHAPS im only 16 but i feel 60 i stand for the real shit!!
    thanks for reading if you did, peace!!

    • jmthiphop

      thanks Chaps. keep working at your craft and the rest will follow.

  • Frank Castaldi

    Respect from Australia, its good that your music is reaching people from around the world. 

  • Onslaught

    fcuk year vinnie P!!!!!

  • Bigphrunk

    BOX CUTTAH PAZZZZZZI!! Respect from NY to Philly! 


    Big up from Baton Rouge LA luv JMT,and was up with allah

  • Tybrowne69

    waiting for outerspace new album lost in space !!

  • Magnus

    Hey, its Magnus again.
    Im just wondering, if there is any chance you guys could send a autograph next time i order something?
    Like, when i buy a T-shirt. If you guys could autograph on a paper and send it with the T-Shirt?
    My email is:
    If you want to contact me in a PM.

  • David Michael Tillapaugh

    yo,Im gonna have to get your jmt pyramid shirt, so dope. Thanks guys.


    How about Kosovo man? We want a concert.

  • tcl

    Best regards from Romania, we respect Your music,You rule the Hardcore Hip Hop!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom R

    Everyone associated wit jmt esp Vinnie have changed my life and at times feels like your music has saved my life. You guys have gotten me through tough times and your music is part of the reason why I’m still here. I don’t know what I would do without keep MOVIN on bumpin in my earphones on the walk to school every morning. I look up to you guys. You guys are a sign of hope for me, most of my friends, and people around the world. Vinnie jus and r.a. have the same f$*k the machine attitude as I have had since I could first walk and my now dead grandfather would tell me how big of a joke this country really is. NEVER SELL YOURSEVES SHORT YOU GUYS ARE HELPING PEOPLE EVERYDAY GET THROUGH WHAT THIS WORLD CALLS LIFE. Keep it up. Fuck the police brrrraaaatt

  • Carlos

    chillin and listening to Violent by design and Psycho-Social thats som raw shit keep chilling my brothers

  • Brian

    Holy shit! I never thought I liked rap until I heard “Violent by Design” recently when a friend gave the album to me. In fact, it just sat in my car for about two months before I got bored with all my metal songs and popped in the mysterious disk. I haven’t taken VBD out of my radio for over a month, I never get tired of it. It’s raw, enlightened and intelligent. I really relate to the conspiracy theory undertones and I’m frustrated that there are so many great artists that have been telling us for years about the bullshit world we live in and the fact people sing along and don’t even really think about “the watchmen” and the 10% controlling us. Next time you’re in Denver you’ll get smoked the fuck up on some dank! Only thug guerilla’s will react to this…

  • xlt420

    JMT the realest thing living keep up the good work..violence begets violence..good shit

  • McLovin

    does someone know who’s rapping on “souls from the streets” besides vinnie on the psycho-social cd

  • Paul Wilson

    Hey guys, I’m from Christchurch, New Zealand.
    We really need to get some of you guys over here to do some shows. I’m gonna ask some places if they will book you but don’t know how it will go. Is there anything you can do on your end? Are you planning a New Zealand tour ever? Great country to visit 😀
    Love your stuff, will never stop listening!

  • Jackie-Q

    I love Jedi Mind Tricks, just now checkin out Vinnie and Ill Bill. You guys got talent! Thanks for being real and not falling into the mainstream trend! I love what undergrounds about. Keep it up =).

  • GeOrge Elb

    Guys please come to Greece i listen you about 7 years now , you are dope…!!! I have T-shirt of Jedi Mind Tricks…I reallu hope you guys come here !!

  • Admir

    Eselam Aleykum brothers, thank you for the great music. I dont know why most people like that mainstream brainwashing shit, instead of your real raw songs. Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to listen to some great rap. I feel as if is a privilege

  • Nano

    Yo yo! My name is Nano coming from Colorado. Just wanted to say y’all are the realest, no contenders to y’all crown.Keep it real! Sicilian pride man. Vinnie, you the man. Jus, keep killing the beat. Y’all the shit.

  • Trevor Phillips

    Can you post the picture of all three of you from 99 where stoupe has the new jersey devils beanie on i saw it in divine fire and been looking for it for years i want to make a poster out of it, thanks.

  • Steffen

    About to get me a Jedi Mind tatt, already got Makaveli Recordz and Wu-Tang. only real shit 😉 Your music is so fuckin deep.. most beautiful beats/vocals ever.. It’s soul music, hits ghetto kids real hard. deep inside. thank man! props from denmark.

  • Felix

    Hi i just wanna say you have the best sound out there deepest lyrics you guys are just the best im a big fan do you plan on doing a show near ottawa or something near in the future if so im gonna be there

  • Alfredo

    Hey my names Alfredo leyva I am just a huge fan of Jedi mind tricks, army of the Pharos , heavy metal kings ! I wish you guys could come to California In Costa Mesa, I love your music lyrics everything I plan to
    Get a tattoo of the spirtual rebirth symbol ! I really want a shirt and a sweater from you guys ,you guys are awsome , you guys are the only thing I listen to !

  • Tylor Thompson

    hey JMT, i just came to drop a comment, and tell you guys that YOU ARE THE BEST! you are the best at what you do, and i mean the whole JMT family. Every single one of yous are legends in my eyes, i just wish there were more Real, Intelligent rappers like JMT. but the fact that you guys would inspire any artist that listens to yous and actually appreciate and in-knowledge every message you guys put out there, wether it be political or just real life situations is incredible. ive listened to different artists that claim that JMT is there favorite group and that’s who inspires them to be REAL and not to be blowjobs like alot of these other so called “rappers”, just the inspiration alone that you guys give out is just a Gift, honestly i wouldn’t even know who to call my favorite rapper if there was never no JMT ever, only because i wasnt born in the earlyer years when rap/hip-hop originated in. and i know how you guys like to say us younger generation dont appreciate the history in hip-hop culture and i couldnt agree more, i got lots of friends that say they like rap artists and hip hop artists that are popular today then i would hit them with “well do you like Kool g Rap?” and there like “who the fucks Kool g Rap?” but then i dont even know that much myself about that history only what the internet tells me. in my younger years i told myself i would love to be on your guyses sons JUST so i could something like you guys, but the way you guys make music has changed me alot! enough to make me a better person.i would probably hardly listen to rap/hip-hop, because there is NO other group like JMT. you guys are the REAL DEAL! MUCH LOVE!!!

    • Tylor Thompson

      and btw i mean everyone, JMT, everyone in AOTP. EVERYONE. and i know it would not be right to say just because an artist works with you guys make them just like yous, but i do believe when you guys arnt making music, you guys are sharing knowledge with eachother and past experiences that would Teach anyone to be better person. just wanted to add that.

  • Xavier

    Hey, yall hands down the best going as a collected. Real hardcore hip hop! You guys planning on coming to Australia soon?
    Keep making good shit bros.
    Much love from down under

  • ArmyOfGod

    Outstanding kinda music, that touches my soul everytime i press play.
    Highest respect to y’all. Stay real! Greets from Germany!

  • mostafa

    hiiiii…my name is MOSTAFA(مصطفی), im from “KABUL” afghanistan, & im just loving your music…..

    sorry for my bad typing…^^^PEACE^^^

  • FirstVerse

    I hope you guys will come Turkey. I really sorry about I know you for only 2 years. Don’t stop makin music. You are really intelligent and your philosophy make me doin right stuffs.





  • juni borrero

    Been listening religiously since Heavenly Devine. Before The Great Collapse is my favorite track. Stoupe is a beast.