I’m honored to make music for a living.  I’m not the best rapper in the world.  I don’t have the best voice.  And despite many offers, I’m not supported by the machine, or a major label.  What I DO have is an unparalleled passion for music, and a work ethic that was handed down to me from my parents and my big brother, Lenny.  Music is my weapon forged with divine and creative fire.

My record has only been out for 325 minutes, and I’ve been bombarded with some of the most kind, warm words of my career.  I’d like to think I’m getting better with age.  Either way, I’m very proud of my new record.  Everything is good right now.  God is good.  I just hope my pop, my nan, and step-pop are proud of me.  I do this for them.  And my family who are still with me in the physical.  Without them, I’m a dead man.  So, thanks for showing me love for the past 20 years.

Thank you for all the kind words you’ve been sending me.  It means a lot to me.  Y’all are the reason I’m alive today, so, thank you for always supporting what I do.  It would be impossible for me to ever articulate to you guys how much each and every one of you mean to me, so I’ll just try to pay you back by doing the only thing i know how to do: keep making music.
I’m humbled…Vinnie Paz aka Boxcutta PAZZY!!
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  • Daniel

    your music is magic man!

  • majk

    you are wrong in one thing pazienza ! : ]
    you said you are not the best rapper,
    yes man, yes you are
    and the album, is amazing , as always

  • Badmofo

    album is dope mate

    just keep making music i love it all :)

  • Krafty

    You’re welcome, Vinnie. Thanks for the music. I know you said you don’t have the best voice but your voice is very unique. Very distinctive. Be proud of that!

  • Truth about rappers

    How can he say something like this when he supports/promotes Jay Z, who raps about raping women and children?


    you’re touching a lotta people with your music, not many rappers can do that. look at your shows: metal heads, punks, hardcore-heads (i love scott vogel), rap-heads… they mosh. rappers claim JMT as their main influence. you guys been through lots of shitty things (i remember the show in munich, where the motherf— promoter fucked up everything)… but you made amazing productions, album after album!

    i’m loyal JMT-head… forever!

  • andy

    Cant wait to cop this album after school!! Been waiting for it like christmas when I was a kid. Much love Vinnie keep doin what youre doing man been listenin to you my whole life, your music has made ne a better person.

  • a-wing

    You will Always be the best rapper to me boxcutta

  • snowninja

    what you talkin bout bro? your voice is raw and what one would expect with these rhymes. it expresses emotion to the verses perfectly.

    “gettin more amazin with age, ak’s and grenades, matter fact i slay them with blades” only paz can rock like this

  • Peletemp

    Deep thoughts n expression from the boxcutta!!!Much Respect!!!
    I’ve seen Hip Hop change from time 2 time(phases)cuz of the different ERAs,but JMT develop a sound n style where it immediately impacted lyrics r authentic sound like a pair of Reyes 8oz Boxing Gloves it just hits you!!! From:Pele

  • Jonas

    I truly hope that you realize what consequenses your music has on all us fans.. JMT and especially you Vinnie has been a great motivation in my life and helped me through the worst time. In your music there is room for every emotion and that makes it great wheather you’re angry or sad. You always deliver and I can’t wait to get familiar with the new album.. Great respect. Jonas..

  • Weiupthere

    The 100 bars song is absolutely amazing, it’s indescribably. SO deep, SO raw, flow is SO nice, beat is SO amazing. Track of the year

  • J. Luna

    Thank U Vinnie P, for never dropping bullshit from ikon to paz,,JMT ! Brrraaat brrraaaat braaat ! Thats why they hate u nigga,RawRaps.U murder every track that u on,thats why u my fav rapper.u got competition with Jus tho lol appreciate all the music made & to come.
    CaliforniaLove. Cali to Philly all day. AOTP flooded with gems,OS,OPG. Get Demoz Demoz back in action.nothin new since violence begets violence. God of the Serengeti,cop it faggots! Support real hip hop

  • Kev

    God of the serengeti is killing my headphones!
    Thank you Vinnie for making each day better when im blasting your music, even when Im sad or glad. Please, never stop what you’re doing. Thank you Vinnie, and keep up the good work!
    Greetings from Sweden.

  • Matthew P

    Anxiously awaiting my pre-order in the mail bro, i hope your album does great. The first few singles are crazy, can’t wait to get my shirt and cd. BOXUTTA PAZZY!!!!

  • Yogi

    If enough people listened to your music, over time you can consciously persuade the minds of the people. One day over-throw big government and get back to the simple things. Peace on earth. Only fix what you can control.. And thats exactally what your music does.. Pure Genius
    God Bless – Yogi

  • smOGs!


  • mike from miami

    Alhamdulillah. You are the best rapper, please keep it up!

  • Magnus

    I love the album paz, your music is just amazing!
    Im traveling from norway to sweden just to see your show, cant wait!
    Hope to meet you personal, shake your hand and show you my (same story different pen tattoo) That song moved me man.

  • Hy3RiD

    Just waiting for it to get up here i pre ordered + a shirt but i live in canada cant wait been a fan since i was 12 yrs old

  • jaytrotts

    man straight love from the Aussie gutter we all love your music vinnie gets better by the second you make peoples emotions run like electricity through there bodys you are my idol keep it up Odrama vin laden peaceee…. JJTrottah

  • sam b

    For every other song I listen to, i listen to 20 JMT songs. Vinnie Paz is he greatest ever. opinion is opinion, but vinnies voice trumps all others in the rap game. its hard to argue against that.
    Official Pistol Gang Box Cutta Pazzyyyyy
    Philthadelphia Pistolvenia
    Ya kna mean?

  • norway

    im just 14 and the recored really toched and you are the best rapper beacause u dont rap about weed and stuff you are rapping about the real life something that matters

  • pa all day

    not the best rapper? you talk about shit no one else does. you speak knowledge, not money. thank you for not goin mainstream. not the best voice? you have a distinct voice, you dont sound like everyone else. three things i look for in rap – lyrics, beat, and voice … you got all three. keep doin your thing, ill always be supportin it

  • 818rida

    thank you for many years i great music ! your music has much influenced me to make impossible decisions in my life as well. i go to all your shows in los angeles ! all i listen to is underground and above all your the best ! i am from the gutter of the streets of los angeles ! your music has helped me spiritually and help me focus on my goals ! jus allah is raw and you and him together are a great team ! jedimind for life !~ real , raw shit straight from the gutta !

  • Josama CO

    god of the Serengeti, some more dope shit. keep it movin on, ill see yall in denver.

  • William

    This is some real shit.
    I love your voice, and nothing beats your laugh. NOTHING.

    God of the Serengeti is without a doubt the best album of the year. So fucking well done.

    Can’t wait for Chicago!

  • jimi f

    Listening to the album 4 days straight. Another classic paz consistently putting out bangers for yrs man. Can’t stay neutral on a moving train, great song

  • D00D

    Just got my copy of GOTS. Currently doing my first listen. It’s awesome so far, dude. Keep that up, yo.

  • Pat Lang

    Vinnie Paz you are the best rapper alive hands down. I think you got the craziest voice too. Can’t go a day without listening to some sort of AOTP or JMT music

  • jutwalk

    The album is epic. As good or better than Season Of The Assassin and that was my album of the year! Congrats Vin.

  • Avery

    your the only rapper ive ever heard who never disappoints! i remember when i started listening to violent by design, i was blown away on some next level shit, and every album since has blown me away with more next level shit! Thank you Vinnie.

    I cant wait to see you in nelson bc in feb. sooo stoked!


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