No shows booked at the moment.

  • Sm0k3rr

    go to germany

  • Eivind

    Jedi Mind Tricks, AOTP, Vinnie P.. I just want to say thanks. You guys are fuckin’ great. Inspiring me to keep movin’ on (get it? :p)

    I have one wish in this world/society we live in… To see you guys perform some time before pack my headset and go to heaven!

    Greetings from Norway.

  • Boda


  • ingvar

    Come to Saint-P, Russia!

  • PeJa

    POLAND as well…

  • alex


  • Chad Nehring

    Man all the way to Seattle, sneak up for a Vancouver date right after; the schedule looks pretty open from there on out!

  • Yama Sultani

    See you guys in San Francisco! I can’t wait to hear the album and try to memorize every line before the show!

  • Ecd769

    Cant wait for the LA show! I went to the AOTP show and it was fuckin unreal! Hopefully more AOTP members tag along. Most of all Planet. The second the beat to I Against I dropped the crowd went ape shit!

  • gerardo

    Come back to MIAMI!!!

  • Justin Cason


  • Chosen

    Chicago uhhhhh WTF!?

  • Mike Labrie

    come to montreal Vinnie !!

  • Kaela

    Come to canada

  • B3Z

    So when is the The Thief and the Fallen EUROPEAN Tou? XD ILL BE PATIENTLY WAITIN FOR YALL BACK IN HOLLAND! Peace!

  • Tom Scrub

    chicago misses JMT

  • TerrorStorm

    Come Dallas or Texas at least.. Even tho they dont know about JMT much.

  • Reyna

    Vegas is still waiting for a show, come on, man. :(

  • illems

    Reach Toronto again, you’ll sell out guaranteed

  • taMhaa

    Saw JMT in 2010 Stockholm Sweden! Please come back for another awesome gig!!

  • Mattia Kummli

    come in switzerland pls

  • BarryBhoy

    Come to Scotland troops!!! Guaranteed you ain’t seen a crowd go as bananas as up here!

  • Jordan Stone

    Cmon promoters! Get JMT to Tempe, AZ @ Club Red!

  • Hanky meehan

    When the fuck is AOTP or JMT coming to Ireland ?

  • Greg Hodapp

    We need yall to pop up in ATL

  • Kyriakos


  • Glen Smith

    Copped the tixx for Portland! See you there JMT!

  • Ron Falciano

    Amazing Show At The Bowery NYC June 5th!!!!! Jedi Mind Kills every show much love & respect to the whole JMT AOTP OS PHAROH CLIQUE!!

  • Q

    See you in Portland tomorrow JMT !!

    Ps the Disqus auto login thing doesn’t work too often, has problems signing in and always says there was an error. Maybe get that looked at.


  • Adan Campbell

    there sick!!!!!

  • Breanna

    Philadelphia wants to hear yall!!!

  • Lena


  • Joeri

    The Dutch are still waiting for vinnie paz to get shit real