• Rui Jorge Augusto


    theres nothing to say… JMT is the thing…

    cause of them… now…

    i can walk into the woods and kill a beat with my mic…

  • David Stanley

    Vinnie Paz and R.A. tearing up another track. Keep the music coming. I support everything you put your stamp on.

  • Jackson Tanner00

    I support everything you guys stand for.

  • Solomon

    Hip Hop isnt dead, its underground and i found it

    • mike from miami

      That’s the same way I feel.

  • Tmaxwell45

    killadel baby

  • oscar face

    3 ore per caricare un video PORCO DIO!!!!!! DAI CAZZO!!!!!

  • Douglasekermark

    I’f Jedi Mind Tricks was a religion, I’d be religious. 
    You create the impossible, you say the unsaid and you bring the unbrough! Thank you for making my day, everyday! Keep producing and making tours! The next chance I get 2 see you guys in some country close enough of my reach, Im fking going there 2 show my true support! I’d Say I Love your music way more than I love living. Without It, I wouldn’t know what 2 do. One can simply not stand 2 much lies. 
    // Douglas Ekermark, A young rapper trying to make his own way in life by the inspiration of JMT/AOTP // Douglas Ekermark, 17.  From Sweden.

  • Gaduftrafkhy

    i luv this webside

  • whyteboi

    listenin to jedi mind since 2000 only brand i trust love the work vinnie does, love the support and realness that vibes from the whole idea of music from jedi mind aotp and all affiliated fam…. friends is familly reconize and stop livin in tha clouds … yo vinnie and jmt website heads who evers runnin this site make some more clothing so i can fill up my closet peace

    • jmthiphop

      thanks. we’re always adding new stuff to the store. we just added a bunch of new tees, sweatshirts, and hats over the last couple of months.

  • Curt Fogg

    Yeah JEDI MIND

  • Fahdlil Laraboyz

    peace & respect to jedi mind tricks respect to all mc’s underground  jedi mind tricks (vinnie paz)  -  immortal technique –  ill bill ……  im fahd lil from morocco i have my group laraboyz se u brootherz 

    • jmthiphop

      thanks Fahdlil.

  • Alroyalclothing05

    Vinnie’s Style Gets Me High! JDMT AOTP REAL HIP-HOP 4LIFE

  • Jaytrotter22

    Thank you JMT and AOTP the only music i listen to and trust, all other rappers can die trying to be as good as youse JMT = Perfection

    • jmthiphop

      thanks Jay.

  • T Hedley

    i dont even listen to any body else any more.   peace

  • Gabyreyes14

    dopee ass song

  • Trippalot187


  • Mis.anthropist

    Vinnie, you have inspired me  to read the Quran. Thank you JMT!! You are the BEST

  • DooM

    Thanks for ur amazing music!!! probs from germany

  • double jeopardy

    jedi mind tricks rocks 

  • Nigga One

    The best rapper underground

  • Tcnastyboys

    Classic…shit takes me to the golden erra..
    vinnies a fuckin beast

  • Tilgratis

     Jedi Mind Tricks is something special which can’t be comparred to any other rap group in my opponion. Thank you for keep making this music without wanting to go pop to get on MTV. Especially Vinnie Paz is a great inspiration for me and the lyrics he comes put with is by far the best i’ve ever heard. Not just rap to tell about money,bitches and drug but about life,politics and religion. Thank you never selling out..

  • Anthony Cupo

    yes HAWAII has fans..

  • Anthony Cupo

    ALL DUE RESPECT..i would have put my life on that..JMT would have featured on the snowgoons dynasty album..just curious on why not..

  • Tegan

    Much love from Canada..
    i want to see you again when you come to Toronto

  • virtuwop

    vinnie is king of f underground .. his music helped me out my depressing real talk

  • mike from miami

    Allahu akbar! Jedi mind, rap cannot be more real than how you all spit it! Box kutta pazzii! Peace!

  • chancewayne

    love to see you guys in concert you ever come to cincinnati

  • David Arnold

    I grew up in Philly listening to a lot of Hip Hop. I moved to Florida when I was 13, and as I grew older, I fell away from the hip hop scene. I started listening to Rock… I finally have a reason to listen to Hip Hop again. KEEP IT REAL “NE PHILLY” Oh Yeah, Dutch is my late night driving shit…

    • David Arnold

      Whenever I listen to this in my car with one of my buddies… They usually ask to change it, but their from Georgia so… they would rather listen to “GOT MY SWAG ON”… GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT

  • David Arnold

    Can’t really call this underground anymore… Underground used to be recorded in a 5 dollar studio, by dudes that were well known unknowns. Underground is dead but anti-big label is very much alive. And with the internet record sales are hurting… These guys make all their money doing shows. Keep doing your thing AOTP… and the Eagles wtf man… and Mike Vick is not overrated haha

  • David Arnold

    Vinnie I wish you and Jus Allah would sample some of “Dutch California Cloaked in Wool”… “Just Talking Shit Like Freddie Mitchel” Fred Ex lol

  • ouss

    JMT and AOTP kill all rappers out there and the rap game belongs to JMT and AOTP… enough said
    peace to you and everyone who supports your music

  • Ian Cw

    I came across JMT back in 2008 in my darkest days , long story short you guys have changed my life for the better , Im one year sober , gone through the grieving process at last , not getting into trouble .
    Thanks for everything keep it up big homies

  • HChiesa

    please, PLEASE, post that with unsensored lyrics cuz that song is a bomb and it’s just discusting to listen to it without all the real lyrics. Come on it’s not you guys! JMT for life!

  • Véckman JC

    Bom mambo, Vinnie Paz e Ill bill fasem maravilhas com o mic.

  • drknght

    ummm box cutter? does he agree with 9/11 wtf and boston brothers cop a bomb

  • Lue Abel Trujillo Jr.

    vinny my man when you and your bro came to Denver for the concert last November i fucking LOVED THAT SHIT!!!. i was front row blowing the blunt smoke up on stage and gave you daps man and was singing along to every track y’all played. been listening to AOTP JMT since the beginning. continue to make that ill raw sickest hip-hop on the planet. vinny man your skills have gotten better deeper and rawer each ep you drop. you and bis are the reason why im as devoted to underground music as i am. i laugh at all these mainstream pussies putting out that weak shit. i had a cat at work trying to play this weak ass shit i laughed and said listen to some vinnie paz and jedi mind tricks then tell me your weak ass mainstream is good after fucking trying to play me some asher roth saying that shit is the bomb… please dude get the fuck outta here with that shit. i played him copy’s cremation diss back and he just stared at me and said none of that shit made sense or sounded good. i could give a fuck less man cats just cant get on this level of lyricism that you and the underground scene produce.. as long as ya’ll keep dropping the tracks and lp’s and ep’s i will support JMT till the casket drops for real for real love ya shit man keep it up. ONE!


    JMT always. Been a fan since 98. Keep it coming. BWG from Shaolin.


    Hey merch, on a deployment in the middle-east. I cant get my fix. Do you ship? U.A.E.? Thanks for touching lives world wide in every drum beat of life. Bless.

  • Andre Govia

    Real hiphop thanks god !!!

  • Griffin

    This is the only group you can trust not to go wack. JMT BABY!

  • erik

    you are the kingz of the underground ,your music is the real rap, in the streets ,in real life ,where it came from,man i love that hardcore aggresive flow and the BOMB ASS DOPE BEATS. PLEASE DONT STOP MAKING MUSIC.PEACE

  • Kmeds

    Waiting patiently on a restock of clothing and some more fitted hats! Real hip hop lives on thanks to you guys

  • Jevon Valdez

    yo man this is the typa music that got me through alot man im only 15 and it feels like 30. Jmt AOTP and you especially as a solo artist has definitely impacted my life man thanks for helping and keep doing what you do best

  • Cheeks

    From the SSU we send out blessings to our vocal lecturers that are the Pharaoh’s.
    Port Elizabeth

  • Abdullah

    Vinnie paz do you think tour to turkey? We waiting for you. respect

  • HipHopDontStop

    Do vinnie or any of the other pharaos ever reply here?
    i was wondering what they think about K-rino since that guy is of the charts would love a collab with him
    and to everyone els check him out


  • HipHopDontStop

    Hey i dont know how often any of you read any of these posts but i just wanna say that a few songs with BigKurt would be so fucking ill ever since i heard him spit the first time i have been waiting for you guys to drop a few songs with him

    and to everyone els check out big kurt for some ill shit

  • joe

    will you please make an enemy soil sticker so i can rock that shit on my truck

    • joe

      my license plate is NMESOIL.. now i need a sticker..please

  • Alfredo

    I am a huge of Jedi mind tricks and AOTP, honestly what would we do without you guys , this world is so fucked up especially in music and you guys are the only one who keep it real I can’t wait until you guys come here to Cali I bought my ticket already