New Vinnie Paz “Keep Movin’ On” Video

Vinnie Paz “Keep Movin’ On” Feat. Shara Worden (produced by MoSS) from Vinnie’s debut solo album, “Season of the Assassin” in stores June 22, 2010.

Buy a “Season of the Assassin” CD on or through iTunes. A limited edition vinyl 2LP is available now through the official Enemy Soil online store.

And don’t forget to come out next week to meet Vinnie Paz at the following record stores to get your copy of “Season of the Assassin” autographed:

6/22/10 – Philadelphia, PA – FYE @ 100 South Broad St. – 6:30pm
6/23/10 – New York, NY – Fat Beats – 406 Avenue of the Americas – 7pm
6/24/10 – Boston, MA – Newbury Comics – 332 Newbury St. – 7pm

“Keep Movin’ On” features a unique cast of stars, including Philadelphia icon TONY LUKE JR (producer, star of “The Nail,” “Invincible,” etc.) playing the part of a down-and-out factory worker. Portraying a U.S. Marine and Iraq veteran is SCOTT VOGEL (lead singer of the hardcore band Terror), and in the part of his hometown girlfriend is the stunning GINA LYNN (the “Julia Roberts” of the adult film world).

“Keep Movin’ On” is directed by JOE FRANTZ (producer and cinematographer known for his on-screen cameos on JACKASS, MTV’s VIVA LA BAM, BAM’S UNHOLY UNION, the CKY VIDEO SERIES, etc). Frantz has also served as both producer and cinematographer all of the classic BAM MARGERA music videos and reality/making-of features which have sculpted the face of the alternative European music scene for the past decade (HIM, CKY, The 69 Eyes, Viking Skull, etc.).

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  • @EddieGlock

    dope shit, was hoping on a video for End of Days, but very dope non the less
    now that i read the article under the video, yeah i recognize the same directing style Bam's Haggard movie has
    when u gon hit up Holland again P? come visit Rotterdam for a change


    A wonderful video, a doped track. Respect to JMT, Vinnie Paz, Stoupe, The God Jus Allah…. Peace!

  • dj nyfoe

    video is sick JMT 4 LIFE

  • buckshot34

    Dope as fuck. Keep that good music coming

  • rapteddy8

    sick song! you need to come out to Cali sometime, at least we'll see you at RTB 2010!

  • Shannon

    deep as fuck.. lovin the flow from the heart..
    keep it up

  • L tha Elevator

    If u aint feeling this track then fuck ya ears

  • @convexion

    Jedi Mind and Vin Laden keep bringing the dope tracks – something artists in the industry fail to do. They all change their styles, reinvent themselves, or grow old and sound like grandpas on the mic – changing their original sound and alienating their die-hard fanbase. It recently just happened with the Wu-Tang. 8 Diagrams was so hyped and then when it dropped it was lackluster and most the fans felt betrayed by the group's internal struggles and beefs – so much that it compromised their music and they lost their chemistry. The fans could tell. The Wu wasn't the same anymore, and they never will be again. Plus all the members sound like old grandpas or just changed their style around too much. Respects to Ghostface and a few others still bringing it. But they are not a powerhouse anymore and fans no longer buy their CDs. We can only hope this never happens with Jedi Mind Tricks – Vin keep bringing that gully and gritty flavor you are known for and lyrics people will continuously feel. Even to softer beats like this on your solo album, you can obviously still kill it because what you talk about is real and the wordplay and rhyme schemes are well-put together as always. Stay ill. One love.



  • sacred1

    Been following u since the holographic verses vinnie.. madd props. Looks like u finally gettin out there. Every store around sold out… congrads vinnie.. holla for some free beats dawg.

  • vakill

    dope video !! JMT4LIFE

  • Fraghera

    great video,
    vinnie paz of jedi mind tricks is the best..


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